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Battery storage

​Take power into your own hands and store the sun's energy to use around the clock.

Adding a battery to your system increases your independence even further - meaning you can store the sun’s energy to use around the clock, even when the sun’s not shining.

Batteries are now more affordable than ever before, meaning they have become a viable option for many Kiwi families and businesses.

A battery will give you even more independence – you’ll see greater savings, or eliminate your bill altogether by going off grid, utilise the excess solar energy you produce, and reduce the impact of ever increasing power prices and power outages on you and your family.

After rigorous research and testing, we have sourced the best batteries on the market in terms of performance and value.

We have a range of batteries available. Before we recommend the right battery storage solution for you, we will carry out an energy assessment of your home or business to properly understand your solar battery storage requirements.

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Which solar & battery storage system is right for you?

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